If you’ve been searching for songs that have the word “Down” in the title, you’ve come to the right place. You may be feeling down and out and in need of some upbeat tunes to help up your spirits, or you may be looking back on a particularly bleak period in your life and want to hear some familiar tunes to help you get through the memories.

Songs are truly one of those ways humans have been able to express their innermost thoughts and desires. It has no boundaries and requires almost nothing that vocalizes the rhythms and emotions you feel.

Music is a language. It provides an arena for someone – the narrator to convey their emotions to the audience and just as other types of languages, it could mean different things to different persons.

Given the number of songs with down in the title, we’ve decided to compile this amazing list of songs for you. Yeah! Exclusively for you; and most importantly, it’s lyrical interpretations so you can make the most out of it. Read down below to see my exquisite list of songs with “down” in the title.

5 Songs With Down in The Title:

1. “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith

It’ll be remiss of me to start off with another song. As my best and favourite vocalist, Sam Smith’s vocals are so out of this world – you should listen to this song as well as other of his songs.

An classic ballad, “Lay Me Down” centres on the narrator’s yearning for a reconciliation with a lost love, be it through death or separation.

Thoughts of this individual dominate the narrator to the point where they experience a profound void in their life without them. It appears that the Sam’s life has been greatly affected by this person’s absence, and his biggest wish is to be near to them once again.

The chorus hints that the person may have died, prompting the vocalist’s plea for comfort. The promise to care for him furthers the impression that his condition is precarious, keeping open the possibility that he may soon die.

In the end, the singer is so overcome by his feelings that he is willing to sacrifice his life next to his beloved in order to see them again in the afterlife. The melody in this song is breathtaking and those high notes? They’re heavenly!

2. “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers (ft. Daya)

“Don’t Let Me Down” is one of those songs that most of us would assume is about love based on the simple facts around it.

Take, for example, the name of the song and the fact that the singer is a woman. Also, the lyrics are about her pleading with a loved one she does not know by name not to “let her down.”

So it seems likely that the person being addressed is the singer’s boyfriend or, if the lyrics are taken into account, her ex-boyfriend.

But “Do not Let Me Down” is also one of those songs where it is never clear what the singer’s relationship is to the person she is singing to.

I love this music particularly because of its bass, you could literally feel the desperation in the woman’s voice. It’s truly a remarkable piece.

3. “Sun Goes Down” By Lil Nas X

This song’s title, “Sun Goes Down,” is figurative. As its meaning is used, it suggests suicide. And no, that does not mean Nas X is seriously considering suicide right now.

But the song’s narrative implies that there was a time when he was. This was because of the order of things in the world then when he was a kid.

For instance, he had to endure bullying from his peers. And sure, we know that being treated in such a manner can cause youngsters as young as 10, as Nas depicts himself at the beginning of the song’s single verse, to think about suicide.

In addition, he was a gay kid who kept his sexuality a secret. Since becoming a prominent rapper as an adult, he has addressed the issue of his repressed homosexual urges in the past. For lack of a better term, it appears that he viewed such homosexual inclinations as sinful in his younger years.

4. “Love Lockdown” By Kanye West

The narrator is or was involved in a serious romantic relationship with the addressee. And basically, he is experiencing so much mental and emotional distress as a result of their relationship that he has decided it is in everyone’s best interest for him to end it.

All three verses of the song revolve around his internal struggle with this difficult choice. However, he once again has the sensation that the lady he loves is being drawn away from him by the flow of life.

In addition, he is aware that he is not giving her the love that he believes she deserves. And since he is a seasoned romantic veteran, he realises that he would be better off calling it quits now rather than dragging things out.

After considering the foregoing, it is reasonable to conclude that West’s life served as inspiration for this song. Specifically, he would be talking to one Alexis Phifer. He had been dating this woman for a long time and proposed to her in 2006. But in 2008, things between them began to deteriorate.

This was around ten days before the release of “Love Lockdown,” a song rumoured to have been written and recorded by Kanye.

5. “Let Me Down” by Oliver Tree

In Oliver Tree’s “Let You Down,” the vocalist expresses regret for something. Fans of his music are the intended recipients of his apologies this time.

Although the coronavirus epidemic delayed the release of his record (which he initially claimed as being “officially cancelled”), he felt a sense of personal responsibility for the delay.

Further, he learned that many of his supporters had a negative reaction to the news. In this way, he is singing mostly from their dissatisfied point of view, reflecting his empathy for their anguish.

On the other hand, in the opening verse, he also suggests that the epidemic is a serious matter that must be treated seriously.